Panel Upgrades

Make Sure Your Home's Electrical Panel Is Up to Date

Hire us for professional electrical panel upgrade services in Cottonwood, AZ

If your electrical panel is old, outdated or defective, it's time to call a professional electrician to have it upgraded. Monarca Electric, LLC offers expert panel upgrade services to give you a new, efficient electrical panel you can depend on. We can help you regarding getting permits with the city and deciding which panel would be best for your home.

When you turn to us for your electrical panel upgrade, we will install a brand-new panel, new circuit breaks and repair anything that's not functioning properly. Our panel upgrade services are available in Cottonwood, AZ and the surrounding area.

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Get a safer panel installed for your home

Having an old electrical panel that doesn't meet your electrical needs can be dangerous. With an outdated panel you run the risk of:

  • Overloading your system and frying your electronics
  • Overheating your panel and starting a fire
  • Paying exorbitant prices for your electricity bill

Make sure these issues don't happen in your home with an electrical panel upgrade. Contact us today for a free estimate on your upgrade. You may be without power while the upgrade is being completed for safety reasons.